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Welcome to Metro Orlando. This community is for people who live in and love Orlando. Do you get frustrated when people only know our city for the theme parks? We all know there is so much more here. This is a great city with neat things hidden in all its neighborhoods.

Where do you live? Sanford … Downtown Orlando … East Orlando … MetroWest … Altamonte Springs … Casselberry … Winter Park … Lake Mary … Sanford … Kissimmee … South Orlando … Apopka … Winter Springs … Oviedo … these are all great neighborhoods.

We are a diverse group with lots of interests. Whether you spend your nights tucking the kids into bed … checking out the latest restaurants … or spending time with friends … this is your community. Whether you own a home … rent an apartment … or live with your parents … this is your community. Let’s hear about what you like about your neighborhood … why you’re here … what movie you saw last … what is your kid’s favorite park. Looking for a new auto mechanic or a good place for brunch? Ask it here. Have something to sell? Or do you offer a service that people would be interested in? Offer it here. Do you have a favorite car wash location? Tell us about it here. Do you have a local charity you volunteer in and need more volunteers? Look for them here.

metro_orlando is a resource for:

  • Activities geared toward couples, singles, families, kids, adults, or anyone that are different than the typical theme park activities.

  • Items you are selling that you no longer want, but others might be interested in. Photos are helpful, but please put all photos and descriptions behind an LJ-cut. How to do an LJ-cut

  • Recommendations. Do you have a favorite auto mechanic? Favorite handyman? Favorite hair salon or pedicure location? Did you have a great experience in a local retail establishment? Favorite store? Tell us about it! Share these great resources!

  • Your favorite places. What’s your favorite restaurant? Your favorite spot to see the sunset? Your favorite walk or hike? Your favorite place to go antiquing? Your favorite place to boat? Your favorite place for a romantic date? Your favorite place to take the kids. We want to know!

  • Sharing Information. This is the place for parents-to-be, new parents, and those with children looking for information, activities, school resources, etc. to share information. Know about some local road construction or new stores/restaurants/entertainment places coming to town? Share it here.

  • Meeting People. You never know who you’ll meet here. Start participating today!

I'm going to try to keep the memories updated, so refer here if you are looking for a recommendation-- many people are looking for similar things, and your question may have already been asked and answered.

A couple of “rules” to respect all members of the community:
  • Please place all photo posts and long posts (more than 2 paragraphs) behind LJ-cuts. How to do an LJ-cut
  • Please be considerate to people who post. No rude comments, insults, etc.
  • This community is only as active as its members, so sign up and start posting today.

This community is moderated by kiki679. I’m interested in how to make this community better, and your ideas are always welcome.

Welcome to Metro Orlando!